Scientific peer-reviewed journal “Progressive Economy” aims to present scientific and practical research in the field of economics related to the topics of regional and branch economics, finance, world economy, management.

Periodicity: 12 issues a year (monthly).

Audience: students, undergraduates, postgraduates, candidates, doctors of sciences; economists-researchers, heads of enterprises, independent experts.

The main objectives of the journal “Progressive Economics”:

  • increasing the level of published articles on economics with practice-oriented content;
  • raising problems related to the development of our country and world powers in the field of little-studied segments (regional development, sectoral development, comparison of development factors of countries, etc.) using various types of economic analysis;
  • study of problematic issues that require immediate solutions in the field of the economy and related segments;
  • unite experts considering issues related to the subject of the journal into a single scientific space;
  • focusing on the experience and level of foreign publications, to create a solid information base of domestic research on exciting topics not presented in Russian publications today.

The journal Progressive Economics guarantees freedom of expression for all members of the scientific community; openness and honesty in relation to each author who wants to be published; following the same requirements regardless of the status and achievements of the potential author.

In the work, the publishing house appreciates the correct, constructive comments of the members of the editorial board in relation to the scientific works they review.

The journal is an online publication and is freely accessible (users can read, download, copy, distribute, use in the educational process, print full versions of all articles with the authorship of the distributed article).

All articles are assigned UDC, Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) classifier, DOI status.

DOI prefix: 10.54861.

Media registration number: EL No. FS77-82380 issued on December 23, 2021 by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor)

The publication is assigned ISSN-number: 2713-1211 (online)

Publication of a scientific article in a journal is possible only if the article has not previously been published in a scientific journal and if it contains unique research results.

All incoming articles undergo an internal review for compliance with the journal’s subject matter and originality of results, and are checked for borrowing from open sources. Then the articles are sent to the members of the editorial board or external experts for review. After receiving a positive conclusion without comments on the merits of the work, the article is published in the next issue of the journal.

Agreement for the placement of the periodical “Progressive Economy” in elibrary: No. 287-10/2021 dated 5/10/2021.

Publisher:  Individual entrepreneur Kristina Ivanovna

Editorial address: 308504 Belgorod region, Belgorod district, village of Tavrovo, md. Tavrovo-10, avenue Geroev, 21.


Roshchina Lidiya Nikolaevna, Doctor of Economics,  Professor of the Department “International Trade and Customs Affair”, Rostov State University of Economics (RINH)

Publisher’s email: progressive-science@yandex.ru