Requirements for the design of articles

Information for authors

The journal publishes articles by researchers and faculty, graduate students, doctoral students, applicants.
Articles of undergraduates and students, subject to the compliance of the manuscript with the general requirements for scientific materials, are published with supervisors.

Rules for the preparation of manuscripts

Terms of publication of manuscripts

The founder of the journal and the members of the editorial board aim to publish relevant and useful scientific papers, so we take care of all editorial costs.

Scientific articles that have successfully passed the internal review of the Editor-in-Chief or his deputy, as well as received approval from a reviewer, are published free of charge. No royalties are paid to the authors. In case of non-compliance with the requirements for publication, the article is returned for revision: comments, recommendations and deadlines are brought to the author’s attention; in case of refusal of publication the author is sent a reasoned refusal.

Read the following lines and copy them to the end of the article file:

  • The author guarantees that the above material has not been previously published in Russian, and is not under consideration in another journal.
  • The author guarantees that all copyrights are respected in the above material: among the authors, all those and only those who made a significant contribution to the study are indicated, for all borrowed fragments (text quotes, tables, figures and formulas), sources are indicated that allow identifying their author.
  • The author is aware that the facts of scientific dishonesty revealed both during the review process and after the publication of the article (plagiarism, re-publication, disclosure of protected data) can lead not only to the removal of the article from publication, but also to criminal prosecution by those whose rights will be violated as a result of the publication of the text.

Articles of authors who cannot or do not consider it necessary to be responsible for the materials provided are not considered by the editors.

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